I grew up in a family passionate about skiing and sailing, so naturally my love of the water and snow followed...

My parents curiosity of exploring the world was passed on to me. Upon completing my bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Concordia, I set off on a six year journey of exploring the world. Working abroad as a ski coach and instructor, I realized the impact mental skills training has on athletes performance. After 5 years of travels, I decided to complete a Masters degree in Human Kinetics with a specialization in Intervention and Consulting in Sport and Physical Activity at the University of Ottawa. Entering my masters degree during the Vancouver games, was the best learning experience one can have, as I had the opportunity to learn from the country's leading mental performance consultants during such an influential time. Upon completion of a 400+ hour internship in Canada and New Zealand, I became a recognized professional member  of  the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA).

My career has lead me to work with several national and international level athletes in the world of alpine skiing, snowboarding (alpine, freestyle & SBX), free-ski (moguls, halfpipe & big mountain), fencing, tennis, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, cycling, swimming, golf, synchronized swimming, diving, judo, hockey, baseball, athletics, equestrian, soccer and the list goes on. 

I have had athletes represent Canada, Australia and Gabon during the Sochi and Rio games. 

My philosophy as a mental performance consultant is: "train with no regret, compete with no regret". I believe if athletes train with a purpose, all while having "serious fun", they will show up on game day with a positive mindset. My goal is to have athletes compete feeling confident, focused and have the ability to handle their stress & anxiety, all while enjoying the process.


“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen”
— Muhammad Ali