Interested in sports performance? 

This mental conditioning program helps you or your team understand how to harness your inner warrior in order to help perform at your peak consistently.

Core skills include:

  • Mindful performance: How to focus attention to match the demands of your sporting performance
  • Resilient performance: How to cope with negative thoughts, emotions & physical stress
  • Peak performance: How to perform at your peak potential more consistently and more often
Individual Consults & Team Workshops available

Individual Consults & Team Workshops available


Self-Regulation teaches athletes how to control their emotions through physiology.

Heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, skin conductance & muscle tension all play a key role in performance. Learn to utilize your optimal levels of arousal to create consistent performances. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an important biomarker of health and physiological resilience to environmental demands. Athletes will learn skills to manage their emotions, monitor their HRV and enhance their rest & recovery, attentional focus and decision making skills.

physiological training

physiological training


Conferences are provided for teams, coaches and parents on mental skills training.

  • What is mental skills training, and how can it help you?
  • How to effectively communicate with your team
  • How to accompany your child through sport performance
  • Growth vs Fixed mindset
  • Focus
  • Resiliency
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Goal-Setting